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To play like Tiger Woods, you need to work hard and improve your game to a great extent. It is extremely difficult to find extra time for some quality practice. Therefore, make use of whatever time you get seriously. Remember, disciplined practice routine is the key to take your game to the next level. So, work hard to improve the areas which need special attention. Convert the weaknesses into strengths, and also work on your strengths at the same time. Making arrangements for a practice session at your house would not be a bad idea when the weather starts to play spoilsport.
In order to play like Tiger Woods, you would have to become a complete player. And to reach that level you need to perfect your golf swing at any cost. Shadow practice can initially help you to master the difficult art. But remember, your body position and balance at the time of making the stroke is the secret for making a great hit. Experienced coaches will always include this theory in their golf tips. It is also crucial to improve the grip just before you stretch for the swing.
Try to set goals for yourself during the practice sessions. Remember, a golfer with a professional mindset will never compromise with his practice hours. Practicing hard is the only way to reach the top! There’s no alternative or other way round. Identify the key areas that require development and polish your game accordingly. For instance, if you need to work on your slice; practice on it continuously for about a week. However, enjoying your practice hours is vital for attaining success. Never consider your training schedule as a burden. A negative mindset like that will easily become an obstacle in the path of your improvement.
Professional golf tips would certainly emphasize the aspect of warm-up just before the training session or the match itself.

It is absolutely important for getting into the groove. Champions like Tiger Woods would always perform it thoroughly for bringing perfect match temperament. Top athletes of the world do it on a regular basis. You may have witnessed long distance sprinters stretching their limbs just before the final whistle of the run. This helps a lot in the blood circulation of the body. It also helps to release the nervous tension before a big match.
Golf is a game that demands above par fitness of both the mind and the body. Many people fail to understand the importance of physical aspect in a sport like golf. Physical fitness is very important in golf to succeed at the highest level. At the same time, mental toughness and flexibility are mandatory to provide a competitive edge in your game. Therefore, practicing mental exercises with your trainer on a regular basis will help you to make a better player in the long run. Moreover, specific mental exercises will improve your power of imagination or visualization considerably. It will ultimately help you to think clearly, and plan and strategize in a better way!


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