Is Rory The New Tiger?



Wow…what a win by Rory at the 2014 PGA Championship!

No doubt, the kid is something special. He’s got the swing, he’s got the smarts, and he’s got the mentality (usually.)

At age 23, Tiger had won 2 Majors, 4 top-5 Major finishes, 7 top-10 Major finishes, and a staggering 11 PGA tour wins. At age 23, Rory has 2 Majors, 5 top-5 Major finishes, 6 top-10 Major finishes, and 4 PGA tour wins.

While his numbers aren’t quite as impressive as Tiger’s, they are pretty darn close.

So, is Rory the new Tiger? In short, no, he is not. And that is a very good thing.

There is one VERY significant difference between Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods.

Tiger is a jerk. Tiger is a punk. Tiger is an ass. He may have been a great golfer, but he just isn’t a great guy. He whines, he swears, he throws tantrums. He rarely speaks to other golfers during his play, and that might be a good thing for them. Everyone likes to talk about how intimidating it was to be grouped with Tiger during his reign. They say golfers were almost afraid of him. I say they just didn’t want to play with him because he was wasn’t a nice person and a horrible playing partner.  You’re the #1 golfer in the world leaving everyone in the dust tournament after tournament, but you can’t refrain from dropping an f-bomb 10-20 times a round? Did Tiger’s children ever come to watch him play? For their sake, I certainly hope not.

Rory, however, is a good kid. He’s polite. He’s friendly. He controls his temper on the course. With the exception of his brief display of immaturity when he pulled the ‘fake injury’ withdrawal during the Honda Classic in 2013, he’s been a good player and sportsman. The fans like him for who he is, not just what he’s done. His opponents like him. He’s not the guy that nobody wants to be grouped with. For this reason, he will never be the next Tiger, and that is a very, very good thing.

Let the Tiger era be over and the Rory era begin. The fans deserve it. Golf deserves it.

Good riddance to the end of Tiger. I don’t bid you farewell.

-Joel Madison





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One Response to “Is Rory The New Tiger?”

  1. It sounds like some of the dislike for Tiger is because of what he did in his marriage??? That is his personal life and not the business of outsiders.

    From a golf standpoint I do not believe that Rory can dominate the way that Tiger did in his earlier years.