Junior golf tips for a 12-year-old


Junior golf tips for a 12-year-old

http://MC22.net/ MC22′s “Impact Golf” host and PGA professional Chris Winkel shows his 12-year-old son CJ how to improve his golf posture and swing.

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4 Responses to “Junior golf tips for a 12-year-old”

  1. Cjs gonna have back problems if you keep coaching him like that

  2. nice tips

  3. Hi Chris, Great videos! I really wish I had something like this to reference when my son was 5 years old. My son just turned 10 last month and I started taking him to a local pro for instruction anout 9 months ago. I post videos of my son son playing in tournaments and send the links to my family so they can keep tabs on his progress. If you have time, would you view a view of the more recent videos and possibly give me some feedback on his golf swing. Thanks Much!

  4. haha that kid in the background at 1:21 lol