Lee Trevino – Chipping & Pitching Technique (2009)


Lee Trevino – Chipping & Pitching Technique.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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10 Responses to “Lee Trevino – Chipping & Pitching Technique (2009)”

  1. Moe Norman was a legend, and played golf because he loved the game, the PGA
    simply did not love him back!! Lee Trevino is another legend, he played
    golf his way and made it work! Many pro careers have been ruined by people
    looking for the perfect swing

  2. Well said ! Self-discovery is the´╗┐ gateway to greatness…

  3. Learning golf the way Lee did ( no lessons) you learn to do things with the
    club these so called experts would never teach. Golf instructors would
    probably try to change the way Lee swung the club to make his swing more
    conventional. Lee’s genius is in his growing up “dirt” poor. When you grow
    up poor and you want something bad enough you invent new ways to get it
    done to compensate for the lack of resources most others would have
    learning to play the game of golf.

  4. in order to understand, one must listen and have very good control and
    balance. Lee, my pro always

  5. Good point Buddy..he can also “walk the walk”

  6. I will try to be discreet as much as possible.Having seen Moe several times
    at the driving range in Titusville, Fl, Moe has a serious personality
    disorder. I am no doctor. I don’t know if he’s autistic or not but Moe is
    socially retarded. He simply can’t function around people. That’s why his
    impact on golf was limited.

  7. Gotta love Lee T. What lee just demo’d is a pro chip technique. As he
    stated an am would swing with the hands and the club would come all the way
    around. What Lee did was load the club with the hands in a hold position
    that delivered a solid shot to the ball. There is no club digging in and
    the ball is popped off the club face with ease.

  8. Lee could have been one of the greatest golf teachers in the world if he
    had chosen that path. He probably understands and can teach more about the
    game than just about anyone still around. His genius with the short game
    makes Dave Pelz and David Ledbetter look like novices.

  9. I agree…as well as “any man alive” because Hogan’s been dead 15 years and
    you could bet Trevino wouldn’t argue. Lee called him MISTER Hogan. But
    having said that it would be even money who had the edge knowledge wise
    because they were both great ball strikers – for my money the 2 best who
    ever lived – I don’t count Moe Norman – the last time I checked, driving
    range golf doesn’t mean a whole lot.

  10. “So he QUIT…” I guess that explains why he could only win in Canada. Why
    don’t all aspiring golfers travel to Canada? Does it have anything to do
    with the caliber of competition being considered somewhat less than the
    U.S. tour. There was a high school pitcher in Texas a while back that could
    hit 100 mph on the radar gun and he never made it to the major leagues
    because he couldn’t compete on the big stage. Was he a “great pitcher?” You
    and I have different answers I’m sure.