Left-Handed Golf Tips : Backswing for Left-Handed Golfers


The proper grip, stance and back swing technique will help you hit a great golf shot as a left-handed player and learn the correct back swing technique for a…

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15 Responses to “Left-Handed Golf Tips : Backswing for Left-Handed Golfers”

  1. this guy sucks

  2. I would never let this guy work on my game. His swing is horrible. His feet
    are way to close together. He has no flexibility. His head is not behind
    the golf ball.

  3. hit the fucking ball

  4. THANK YOU! Would you happen to know of any instructional video links? I
    cannot for the life of me get my drive down and I am sick of hearing,
    “watch me and do the opposite”….

  5. that was cool!! very helpful. now i think i understand better!!

  6. holy shit 80k vids!

  7. that sucks you not left hand stop tripping if i wanted to see a right y i
    would have search for a rigth handed wtf

  8. “Left-Handed Golf Tips : Backswing for Left-Handed Golfers” I must be
    dyslexic… I read “for LEFT-HANDED”. What’s the point of mentioning
    “mirror image” bs…..Age of deception!!!

  9. BAD TIPS i knew this when i was 16

  10. yea yea yea…. we are doing and should be doing. Thank you very much

  11. Please – have a LEFTY show how to do this.

  12. get an actual lefty, this doesn’t help at all

  13. how does this apply to left handed golfers? Plus the swing is no different,
    we just stand on a different side.

  14. ahahah this is such a ploy. “The best part about this is that I am right
    handed. People ask but I say its good because I am a mirror image” No

  15. Ignorant view whores, that’s all it is. Fuck Expert village.