Mike Bender Golf Tip: Bunker Shots


Bunker Shot Golf Tip with Top Ten Instructor, Mike Bender. Improve your consistency by learning the proper methods to hitting a good bunker shot.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Golf Tip: The Basic Pitch; Hank Haney

Open the club face at set up and during your backswing and turn your body slightly through impact Hank Haney: Listed as one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teache…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to “Mike Bender Golf Tip: Bunker Shots”

  1. Good video. Thanks, A.T.

  2. thanks for this-simple explanation with all the relevant points well
    highlighted looking forward to to my next bunker!

  3. Yet Trevino says not to add loft to the club by opening the face, which is
    also more likely to send the leading edge into the ball and thin it. Better
    to keep the loft as is, play it back in your stance and hit down.
    Diametrically opposite advice for exactly the same shot. No wonder so many
    golfers are confused, one example among thousands.

  4. Hank is lost without Tiger ! Someone should do, “where are they now” ever
    since he wrote his Tiger book and broke a man-code!! Btw, basic sand wedge
    range from 54,56 to 58 degree, where as a lob wedge starts at 60 degree and
    goes as high as 64 degree.

  5. WEll it is in my bag. No telling how old the video is.

  6. Open the club face at set up and during your backswing and turn your body
    slightly through impact. #golf #tipsandtricks #tips #lessons´╗┐

  7. I think he means that is the most lofted club in a generic set of clubs…

  8. Pretty much the exact opposite of how I play pitch shot. I play the ball
    back with narrow stance. Keep weight forward. It amazes me how the more
    research I do about the golf swing the more info that i find that
    contradicts another bit of info. For every tip you find saying “do this”,
    you can find another tip saying the exact opposite.

  9. why is this on the cures playlist?? -______-

  10. I believe a lob wedge would commonly be a golfers’ most lofted club

  11. That’s ‘cuz Barkley is a DUNCE

  12. @nsaminder its to bad hes teaching you how to pitch not chip idiot. Jim was
    almost on the fringe when he hit that shot, and there was no need to pitch
    it. Hank Haney also led Tiger woods to several majors, so in theory ha has
    one some. smd bitch.

  13. sand wedge isnt ure most lofted club lob wedge is ure most lofted club

  14. Zero, you need to find the bottoming out point of your swing. That point is
    always the sternum notch. The point where the collar bone connects. That
    indention below your adams apple, it needs to be just a hair forward your

  15. the biggest mistake he made when teching Barkley was letting hit the
    ball,in practice even when he did hid patented dip.He was rewarded for
    making his biggest mistake Psych 101 not goo teaching.

  16. this is pretty much the exact opposite of what tom watson teaches in his
    book 40 yards and in. tom’s book helped my game tremendously. i think i
    will stick with lessons from the guys who actually play the game, not the
    guy who wishes he was tiger