Most Important Golf Tip Ever – TURN THE HEAD!

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Video Rating: 3 / 5

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26 Responses to “Most Important Golf Tip Ever – TURN THE HEAD!”

  1. I have played golf for 30 years and have seen ‘head movers’ and none head
    movers with very good and bad players alike. And, the one rule I have
    realised is, it’s all about how comfortable and confident you feel. Try it
    out, if it’s not for you, go back as you were – but never be afraid to try
    improve your game by experimentation.

  2. i had a problem doing this, i don’t do it anymore

  3. Keeping your head down doesn’t mean your head will stay in that position
    through the swing, centrifugal force will eventually turn your head for
    you. To advise golfers to consciously turn their head with their body is is
    going to set them up for all manner of mishits. Don’t think about turning
    your head, it will turn when its ready.

  4. Don’t understand how so many people are thinking that he’s say LEFT the
    head – He’s saying turn your head through the ball – WTF!

  5. For most good players and the vast majority of pro’s the head is relatively
    still and behind the ball until well after impact as countless videos have
    proven. What Ron advocates I believe is not remaining rigid, with a head
    position locked and so tight is restricts your swing, and allowing the head
    to come up after impact, naturally as the right shoulder comes down and

  6. that´s because they are PROFESSIONALS, they stretch and work out for hours
    every day, if u have some understanding of biomechanics you would know that
    “keeping your head down” is one of the most stupid advice you could ever
    give an amateur golfer, just like greatly limiting your hip turn “because
    the pros do it”…good luck trying that when you get older

  7. the balls not moving….clear your head it will free your body.

  8. This technique has allowed me to regain my distance and accuracy. I am 67
    years old and play the back tees with all the flat bellies. Thank you Ron
    for making golf fun again.

  9. IT IS A VERY REVOLUTIONARY CONCEPT FOR ME. I will try in the field.

  10. good marketing

  11. I experimented with this techinique for 3 months back in 1998 and had some
    success with it. Thanks for the upload!

  12. The last 59 on tour was by David Duval – once the most accurate iron player
    on tour – did this. Annika sorentam the best female golfer ever in the
    history of th universe did this. stop already with trolling. He has a point
    - yours is on top of your head.

  13. RollerCoasterGenius1 Reply December 9, 2013 at 8:40 pm

    What do you shoot?

  14. So this is the damn video that gave me the shanks. I got rid of those
    shanks by turning my head the same way as my backswing DURING my downswing.
    After contact I turn the head to follow my body. I’m not a pro, just a
    lucky 5 handicap that ruined my swing after watching this.

  15. This is the ONE thing I get scolded most for. In fact, I hit it fat or thin
    whenever I (unintentionally) turn my head before impact. I wanna know

  16. RBD any golf training aids that you like for more distance??? I like the
    overspeed clubs like the speed whoosh. Google BombTech Golf

  17. terrible tip!! Most of the golfers biggest problem is that they turn their
    head too early and miss the good hit. Its way better tip that you
    consentrate to good hit to the ball. Pretty often when you turn your head
    too early you dont hit clean. Thats fact.

  18. Look at Hunter Mahan swing or Ernie els. Their heads move forward, great tip

  19. Geez, so many golf pros here leaving crap comments. this guy has been
    working with Jesper Parnevik. I saw them working at the Bob Hope. This guy
    is miles ahead of most you hacks.

  20. @MrLuigiFercotti If you can’t move your head prior to impact and still make
    solid contact don’t do it. But, I still think you should try and move your
    head freely after striking it. You head only has to be still until impact
    to hit it solid. Like he said, you are losing potential distance if you
    watch the ground to long after impact.

  21. @scratchgolfgirl Watch the pros swing. None of them lift their heads until
    the club has swung through the ball and their arms ar paralel with the
    ground. What this guy advocates is contrary to what those pros do… watch
    a pro like Els or Woods swing and then decide for yourself whether this guy
    is right or not…

  22. I %100 agree with Russutt and Edge4writer. This is a terrible thing to be
    telling amateur golfers to try. Every good/great golfer keeps their eyes
    behind the ball at impact on a full swing regardless of the club. This
    video should be taken down.

  23. the problem with most golfers is when there head comes up so does there
    body. if most golfers follow this advice they will hit more thin shots,
    guaranteed. best advice, watch fred couples and do what he does!!

  24. Mike. Good advice. The next lesson should talk about the backstroke length.
    I measure the distance to the hole, the speed of the green, the rise or
    fall and the grain. Once I have those factors (easily measured) I use a
    table to tell me how long my backstroke should be for the putt.

  25. How do people miss the real reasons why people do not have distance
    control? Check this out…speed = distance…so control the speed you will
    control your distance.