Phil Mickelson Vs Luke Donald Chipping Styles


PGA Golf Professional Piers Ward compares Phil Mickelson and Luke Donald chipping techniques. Follow us at http://www.twi…
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17 Responses to “Phil Mickelson Vs Luke Donald Chipping Styles”

  1. Phil says that his method of chipping is the ONLY way to be consistant. He also says if someone teaches you another method to “run like hell” cuse they dont know what they are talking about.

  2. not sure how you can say a more handsy approach is possibly more repeatable, anytime you take hands out of the swing surely you’re going to have more consistent results?

  3. are you certain Luke doesn’t employ hinge when playing on Bermuda? different game down here when you’re against the grain!

  4. Both players have their own styles as do all professionals.
    The explination was a little confusing as you repeatedely referred to Phil pushing his weight to the left, which is incorrect. Phil and Luke both move their weight slightly to their target foot helping to ensure ball first contact.

  5. Thank you. This was an excellent explanation of the difference between the two different types of chipping styles. I find Luke’s technique much easier to implement, especially when I’m under pressure. In my experience, Luke’s method can be done with relaxed wrists, unlike Phil’s method which requires deliberate management of the wrist angle to counteract physics (the tendancy of the clubhead to overtake the hands).

  6. Luke Donald’s style is much more repeatable for amateur golfers. It works just as well and allows the golfer to make full use of the bounce. Also, Olazabal is one of the best ever at using this method. Check out some videos of him.

  7. CaptainAndrewWiggins Reply May 19, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    i’ve experimented with his hinge and hold method, and initially i found that i was hitting a lot of fat shots; i changed to ensure more crisp balls.

  8. please could you check my swing and give us some feedback

  9. The club face on most of Luke’s pitches is open. But this is not done to create loft or spin. It is done so that the flange of the club (not the leading edge) is setting on the ground and will actually act as a skid plate when coming into the ball. Another important aspect of Luke’s pitching is that the shaft should be very close to 6 o’clock at impact. Once again, this keeps the leading edge of the club from digging into the ground and allows the flange of the club to do it’s job.

  10. François Guimond Reply May 19, 2013 at 10:35 pm

    does the clubface is square to the target or slightly open?

  11. well said sir.

  12. I feel the genius of donald is more in the sand and putting areas of the short game whereas phil has the superior chiping game that is tryed and tested and has produces results.

  13. Matter of preference, however, Phil’s style may be more usefull when trying to chip from deeper grass around the green because you will have a steeper approach.

  14. Great vid!! I love it

  15. i find the hinge and hold method easier off tight lies and the other better for fluffier lies. Phil’s method pinches the ball more where luke’s brushes the turf. i also find lukes better for chips i dont have to fly that far or for short ploppy shots, phils is easier for longer checking shots

  16. are you having a laugh mickelson chipping is bad look at the stats!! he just hit the odd amazing shot and is good in the majors from 120- 60 yards and putts well from 10 foot in. 1st time hes been in the top 10 in scrambling for since 05. also he playes it more off the front foot.

  17. I swear to god this guy taught me how to play. Is his name Piers?