Putting Tips


Gary Player and Ernie Els on putting in a video by SAP.

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19 Responses to “Putting Tips”

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  5. What Ernie said about “swinging the weight of the putter” is true! try it, my stroke improved out of sight. Nicklaus used to imagine his putter shaft was made of glass and if he tried to force the putter it would break, so the only way to avoid breaking the imaginary glass shaft was to ‘SWING” the putter. Try it, these guys know what there talking about. Doing this gives you a really smooth stroke and better feel, thus greater distance control.

  6. I like that “Don’t take too much time thinking about the stroke, just putt it in” and “visualize it going IN the hole BEFORE you make the putt”. Thanks :)

  7. Not really about putting tips just some old douche bag talking about the “good ol days”

  8. My touch, or distance control, is better when I look at the hole when putting. On the course, I make a practice stroke while looking at the hole, then use that feel while keeping my head down over the real stroke. Helps get the ball to the hole.

  9. really interesting Ernie’s comments about the grain

  10. Gary so good so enthusiastic,170 tour wins Leadbetter none Ernie superb player true greats thx great vid!

  11. Amazing video, nice to learn from the legends!

  12. Tiger Woods the best putter? Not lately.

  13. Great video. The boys destroy the obsession with technique and pretty strokes versus the most important things like feel, routine and reacting to the target.

  14. “and you thing oooh my goodness”

  15. ya will get right on that… you’ve gotta have a couple majors…

  16. @jaxfl2
    Your 1 handed putting is lame.

  17. I liked hearing about the grass growing towards a certain direction and how that comes into play, always a new dynamic to learn haha

  18. huh no?

  19. I’m sure you know a lot better than Gary Player…