TALY Golf Swing Comparison_Why Not Use it?


TALY Simplified Golf Swing – Why Not? In this video, Taly compares two techniques for hitting a golf ball: a) The conventional method, and b) Taly’s simplifi…
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Techniques on using the lock and cast swing and the Adirondack chair swing.

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26 Responses to “TALY Golf Swing Comparison_Why Not Use it?”

  1. I think Dustin Johnson does something similar but he bows the left wrist to
    get the triangle rather than rolling the arms. 

  2. Seems like a great device.. I need a new handbrake for my batmobile…

  3. Thanks for posting. Yes, we do provide a lot of videos free at our site so
    golfers are able to try out the simplified techniques.

  4. Nice video. Can you explain your grip a bit?

  5. AdultOnsetDiabetes Reply January 26, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    This is impressive. Two questions: 1 – When do you break the triange? It
    looks like you maintain it until you hit the ball and then it breaks as you
    follow through. 2 – What driver are you hitting in some of your videos? I
    love the sound it makes when you hit the ball.

  6. hahahahahha, this thing is a joke

  7. it works ! amazing , i traind a whole week on those moves and you know what
    the results ar trough the roof

  8. Grymt rolig. Speciellt om man jämför med de seriösa instruktionsfilmerna
    som finns överallt:-)

  9. A new swing methodology! Enjoy…

    The New Golf Swing

  10. Hahaha – the all new lock and cast golf swing – wonder if it will take off :-) The New Golf Swing

  11. So a new swing idea! Genius. Try it with all the drivers you might want
    from GolfRedefined.com. Play, Swap, Repeat!

    The New Golf Swing

  12. How can this epic piece of golfing advice only have been seen by 50k
    viewers? #golf #golftips #video http://youtu.be/ujJt3ZlN01g

  13. “I’m a hockey player….but I’m playing golf today.” —Adam Sandler Lol,
    and when he says, “This is really gonna hurt, for the out of shape guys.”
    If you mess up, is he gonna fly out of nowhere with a hip check? Not
    bashing the guy, like Trevino said, a golf swing is only 6 inches long
    (maybe a foot?), but it was a bit funny.

  14. Suraphol Kruasuwan Reply January 26, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    funny funny golf thanks

  15. You guys deserve a medal FANTASTIC! Serioiusly ANY time in the future if
    I’m having a bad day I’ll just get a mental picture of that Aderondack
    Chair swing demo and I’ll piss myself laughing AGAIN!

  16. I’m a new golfer and was looking for instructional golf videos when I came
    across your short video. I really like your approach. It’s simple and I can
    relate to it because I used to play lacrosse. Are you planning to do any
    more lessons, maybe chipping. I’m having trouble from 60 yards out.

  17. jeez, you guys are way behind, I’ve been swinging like that for years,
    still a 36hcp tho’ :-)

  18. Anyone familiar with the golf swing in anyway will love this video. So

  19. That was a perfect demonstration of lock & cast, I’ve got the DVD at home.
    Loved the shorts.

  20. this is absolutely hilarious

  21. who is the gay shorts guy?

  22. great instructional video, great marketing as well, just before “big boob

  23. hmmmm.. are you Kidding me? Talk about a nasty looking swing, wew.
    Graceful? not

  24. The key to athleticism…the lock and load!!! @ 2:25… “Let me do it in
    fast motion for ya”. Best swing ever!!!!

  25. I am a Scottish PGA Professional working in London, thanks for the clip I
    found it an exceptionally funny piss take on blagging golf professionals.
    Lock and load lol even funnier than stack and tilt. Love the emphasis on
    all the wrong moves e.g. cast and bending the left arm lol Brillian