The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Quick Fixes and Golf Tips


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15 Responses to “The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Quick Fixes and Golf Tips”

  1. have you ever heard any teaching from the rotary swing (tour version) they
    teach you to feel like you throw your arms past your body so your hips slow
    down to let the club release which in turn lets the club speed up

  2. Come on Mark it was -19 this morning in Ontario, Canada :)

  3. Minus 6? That’s summer here mark! Gotta love Canada hahah

  4. Wonderful job. You helped me immensely. What course is up on your screen,

  5. Good reminder re 80 degree left shoulder. Was starting to WIND it past 90
    and losing control of the shot. Great instruction as always Thanks Mark

  6. Love the last swing at 14:44!! Awesome!!

  7. Please change your intro. Sooo dull and boring. U sound uninterested and im
    sure it puts alot of people off

  8. Mark , your shots on this screen seem really low even with what must be an
    8 iron . Why hitting it so low

  9. just got in after playing 18 and the first thing you say is how cold it is.
    what are you man or mouse?

  10. Mark, I would seriously watch you play a whole round on that simulator.
    Make it happen!

  11. what clubs do you use I’m sure you get this a lot but just I would like to

  12. I”m still struggling with grip mark…might be the first thing you
    mentioned in your first video…and I’m still finding myself taking strong
    grip and holing off. But at least i know what i’m fighting..thanks for all
    you do.. By the way. I think you could leave that light off. Everything
    seems much clearer without it.

  13. mark, in the past you said you dont want your hips sliding forward (toward
    target) during the swing but in this video, you made the point that you
    want to try to slide your hips forward on the downswing. can you
    differentiate those two points?

  14. hey mark is the first drill you told us also known as the “getting into the

  15. Mark, it was -20′C here in Finland last weekend. We haven’t seen grass
    since November, let alone golf courses that are open.