The Simple Golf Swing


The Simple Golf Swing product is a proven method to create a duplicatable way to improve your golf swing.
What do we mean by duplicatable? Well as any experienced golfer can attest to maintaining a consistent
golf swing is a very difficult feat to master. I might offer even professional golfers struggle from time to time with consistency issues.

There are seemingly endless amounts of golf instruction products and golf product aids available in the marketplace. The million dollar question is, what works? And to carry that a step further, what works for the average golfer who maybe only plays occasionally due to work time and family commitments?

Not being a consistent golfer is not totally your fault. You may or may not have been exposed to the true anatomy of the golf swing and the critical components that are relevant to your success on the golf course. We all know that a measuring stick to how good our golf game is at a particular point in time is our handicap number. To keep that term simple it is how good or bad our scores are in relationship to a golf courses par.

As an experienced golfer of 35 years, I have tried many golf product aids with minimal lasting effects towards the improvement of my overall golf game. Proper practice and practicing with a purpose anytime you go to the golf range can sometimes give you short term results that may transfer over to golf course. But consistently, golf shot to golf shot improvement and simple duplicatable swing thoughts need to be addressed.

How, you may ask? In my endless search for success, what I have come across that I believe is at least a share to the answer on how to create a simple duplicatable golf swing that will product consistent results is actually an e-book.

The are 5 key areas shown within the swing that when practiced and done on a somewhat regular basis can reduce your handicap by 7-12 strokes in only one week! Yikes what a statement but true.

What I have found again over the years playing this great game of golf is it is often a very humbling and I might add character building sport. You all know what I mean by character building, by how you deal with bad golf shots or a missed uphill 3 foot putts to save par and win that match against your too often bragging partner. Well isn’t it time you roll up your sleeves and take a test drive with The Simple Golf Swing book. It is an easy read with photos to demonstrate the 5 key swing components that you need to product a consistent duplicatable golf swing.

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