Three Necessary Golf Driving Tips for Beginners


Before we get into the golf driving tips for beginners, make sure this isn’t where you start learning the game.  As a beginner, you want to learn from the green to the tee, which means putting, chipping, and pitching all come before driving.  You wouldn’t learn basketball by starting with three-point shots.  No, you would start with lay ups and work your way back to the three-pointer.  So, why would you want to start with the longest shot in golf?

If you already know how to swing a golf clubs reasonably well and you can hit a nine iron or another iron solid most of the time, then it’s time to move on to the golf driving tips for beginners.  These three tips will help you setup properly, swing better, and hit the ball with more power.

My Three Best Golf Driving Tips for Beginners

1.  Setup

Start with the setup and learn to grip the club properly, aim properly, and setup to hit the shot.  The driver setup will not be the same as the setup you use with your irons.  Your feet will be further apart, you will actually setup tilted away from the ball, and you will be further away from the ball all together.

With the proper setup, you can launch the ball off the tee and into the fairway more often.  Concentrate on maintaining a straight back with your spine tilted away from the ball.  You want to feel like someone could come up to you, try to push you over, and you won’t budge at all.  This gives you a solid and balanced foundation for your swing.

2.  Aiming

When you first start playing golf, you may learn to aim at your target properly or you may not.  You need to aim the face of the club first.  This is the part of the club that will strike the ball, so it needs to face directly at your target or line.  Then, aim your feet and shoulders, which should match.  They should be parallel to the target like train tracks.

3.  Stable Lower Body

You may see other golfers buckle their knees and do all types of funny things with the lower body, but if you watch most PGA professionals, their lower body stays pretty still.  Yes, there’s a little movement, but for the most part your legs should provide a stable foundation.  This will allow your upper body to turn creating power and a better foundation for your swing.

These golf driving tips for beginners will help you when you first start out, but there’s much more to it than I can cover in a short article.  You need to start with the basics of the setup, and then move onto the actual swing.  If you create a consistent setup with good posture, alignment, and balance, you will be miles ahead of other beginners and even many amateur golfers with weak setups.

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