Tiger Woods Golf Swing In Slow Motion


Tiger Woods Neon Sign: http://theinternetbiz.com/TigerWoodsGolfNeonDisplaySignLed-idv-17982-114.html Tiger Woods golf swing in slow motion ball impact drive …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to “Tiger Woods Golf Swing In Slow Motion”

  1. His hips are not clearing through address, and his front spine angle moves
    significantly. He also doesn’t have enough shoulder turn, hip rotation or

    Apart from that its “perfect”.

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  3. poetry in motion, dictated by the need to master the forces of nature ,
    breathe taking , amen

  4. dis vid is jus so sexy

  5. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. I tried this on the driving range and the ball only went 3 feet

  7. its like art

  8. its just perfect, the music and Tiger swing dancing together just hilarious

  9. note to self,swing like that !

  10. I cried. So beautiful. I will swing like that one day.

  11. music makes it all better

  12. Best swing to ever grace the game.

  13. that’s kinda gay

  14. beautiful

  15. Absolutely. It’s unreal how he gets the back of the left hand from facing
    dead OUT, to facing right to the target in about 8″ space. Simply
    phenomenal is exactly right.

  16. Agreed, and many good players do squat a bit to gain leverage, but I
    thought this particular swing was awesome because it wasn’t too pronounced.
    What I really like about his head motion is how it’s so steady for so long
    but then swivels forward along with his pivot on the follow through. Many
    people have a bad habit of keeping their head down too long and inhibiting
    their forward turn through the shot.

  17. Poetry in motion

  18. golf porn