Tom Watson’s Secret to the Golf Swing


October, 2005, Angeles National Golf Course, Los Angeles, CA.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to “Tom Watson’s Secret to the Golf Swing”

  1. I’m going to the range RIGHT NOW.

  2. Like if Ed Boon brought you here

  3. Tom Watson has over 70 professional wins 8 of those being majors. I think
    he knows where he is getting this “shit” from.

  4. goo.glGzTTy # Best Golf Swing Training.

  5. How ignorant this seems. Waste your comments elsewhere.

  6. the laughing @ :30sec means “what a load of shit Tom”

  7. Figured out the swing back in ’92; yeah, he really struggled from
    1977-1983, especially over at the Open Championships…

  8. classy dude speaks the truth

  9. Well Jack Nicklaus won 18 majors. How about you Tom????

  10. In reality, the secret is to understand that striking a golf ball is a
    stationary ball, hand-eye coordination skill. This requires you to focus on
    swinging the CLUBHEAD and guiding the CLUBHEAD’S path through the ball.
    Body oriented swing thoughts – keep HEAD down, keep your SPINE angle –
    actually CAUSE YOUR MISHIT SHOTS! Most golf instruction ignores the only
    thing that has any effect on the ball – the CLUBHEAD – and distracts you
    with confusing body-focused swing thoughts. See my videos.

  11. To those suggesting this is poor advice… He clearly states this was a
    correction for his problem with hitting it thin and to the right. This is a
    common swing thought among pros. Check out Graeme McDowell’s practice

  12. I am definitely a Tom Watson fan for his golf accomplishments and his

  13. Just to let everyone know that Tom Watson does not advocate starting the
    downswing with the shoulders ……. this is just a small clip ….. on his
    dvd he explains ….. separation…. how there is a separation between the
    left hip and the left shoulder ….. which allow for the arms to lead from
    the inside … the 2 dvd set is worth the investment

  14. Tom should be ashamed to play at Angeles National Golf Club! About 10
    employees are suing for sex and anti-Jewish discrimination! They are an
    embarrassment to the PGA!

  15. Tom is one of the best ball strikers of all time.

  16. i watched tom watson recently at the senior open at sahalee in 2010, for
    anyone whose ever watched tom in person; his swing is absolutely
    mesmerizing, i have never seen such an effortless swing. this guy is a champ

  17. @cockywatchman1976 Sorry, but just one more to prove your point,: If you
    look at other vids of Watson or other top players, you’ll find that
    virtually all the best ballstrikers not only show that separation of arms
    and hands from the shoulder socket on the downswing (visible best on a DTL
    view), but also have the shoulders still closed to the target line nearly
    until impact or even slightly beyond impact, at times…

  18. Perfect. Thats really the secret of the swing, folks!

  19. @cockywatchman1976 you are crazy this is GREAT advice.