Tricep Extension (Golf Swing ) Ep1 Exclusive Techniques


First Ep for Exclusive training techniques Build Your Triceps Twitter:@GymCreatures.

EA Tischler is the founder of the New Horizons Golf Approach and has self published 18 golf instructional books and is currently working on a series entitled…

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15 Responses to “Tricep Extension (Golf Swing ) Ep1 Exclusive Techniques”

  1. white noise remix

  2. I’m doing these Tiger Woods!! lol

  3. Great advice I need to try this out!




  7. Tried this today! Awesome exercise.

  8. Halloroj,
    Pointing the butt of the club at the ball is a part of it, however you can point the club at the ball without perfectly planing the shaft of the club throughout delivery. You want to for sustain the line of compression with the proper planing procedure, then you want to dial in your aimpoint influences for your particular needs.

  9. Is this this similar to driving the butt end of the club at the ball?

  10. Great explanation of the aim point! Recently, I have begun to really feel the aim point compression. The feeling is that I’m shooting a spider web towards my aim point which is 45 degrees past the ball and my right arm straightening. It automatically keeps the angle going into my front linkage and I’m able to link up easier and consistently. Use the same concept w my short game and putting which have improved immensely w this action. More effortless power!

  11. PingG10guy cont’d.

    So, awareness and seeing it in your mind’s eye is the key to being aware of where the aimpoint is and how you perform an action that uses the aimpoint procedure in a precise and target oriented manner.

  12. PingG10guy cont’d.

    As far as using aimpoint procedures, you are more aware of where the aimpoint is in your mind’s eye instead of gazing at it. I use eyes closed training to sharpen my inner eye focus. With my eyes closed my awareness can be aware of where the target is, where the ball is, where the aimpoint is, and many other things. Keep in mind I am saying “being aware.” When you drive your car you are aware of many things without thinking about them.

  13. PingG10guy cont’d.

    If you are an optical-free golfer you will experience a lot of confusion, or white noise, in the minds eye if they fix their gaze on something. These golfers need to look down toward the ball with a panoramic gaze. It is like looking at a mountain range, you take in the whole view with soft eyes. Horseback riders use this soft-eyes technique and the best riders tend to be those that have an optical free mechanism, because it comes so easy to them.

  14. PingG10guy cont’d.

    Golfers that do well fixing their gaze on something like a dimple, will find their inner eye, or mind’s eye, become quiet and clear and it is easy to imagine and focus on the necessary considerations (such as target, trajectory, and/or swing). Awareness is key to focus, and to be aware we need to be present which means the mind must be clear enough to be attentive to what is happening as we swing. Optical fix golfers, fix the gaze to clear the mind so it can be attentive.

  15. PingG10guy, thanks for your comments and question. Where your eyes look have to do with a focal mechanism that we each have. There are two types of focal mechanisms in particular I am talking about in relations to how the eyes interface with the brain, I call them optical-fix and optical-free and they have to do with how the eyes are hard wired to the brain. Some people will fix their eyes on the ball, say a dimple, the writing on the ball, a blade of grass infront of the ball.