Understanding Golf – Pitch Shot Fundamentals


We’ve all seen a good lob shot executed where the golf ball pops quickly and high into the air then lands ever so softly on the green… like a butterfly with sore feet!
The problem here is that for us mortal golfers this is also one of the most difficult shots to perform. Not to worry though… here are a couple tips on how to play the lob shot.

First… you’ll want to weaken your grip by rotating your grip counter clockwise on the club just a bit (your left thumb will be pointing directly down the shaft slightly more counter clockwise). A weaker grip will have the tendency to keep the clubface open which allows the club to ‘slide’ under the ball more readily.

The clubface as it addresses the ball will be open.

With your stance open, position the ball just to the inside of your left heel.

As you begin your swing, you’ll set your wrists early. I don’t mean to say that you just pick the club up with your hands… not at all. We actually want a full swing with an early wrist set. In other words, you want to get the shaft of the club vertical/perpendicular to the ground as your hands reach the halfway point.

Now for the most difficult part… the mental part. Take a full swing.

The tough part here is to convince your mind that you do have to take a full swing even though the actual distance you want the ball to travel is minimal.

Most of our brains have trouble with this one. This is the part where you may hear someone tell you that you have to stay committed to the shot.

A tough commitment to be sure… but you must.

It’s the commitment to the full swing that usually goes awry for the average golfer. At the last moment, doubt creeps in and the swing suddenly decelerates. When this happens all bets are off and so are the chances of making a good golf shot.

Like any other part of the golf swing or golf game, the lob shot just takes practice. Practice not only leads to better execution but confidence as well. And a large part of executing the lob shot in golf really boils down to your confidence in yourself and your golf swing.

Aviara Golf Academy in Sunny Carlsbad, CA welcomes you to view these informative videos hosted by Kip Puterbaugh
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to “Understanding Golf – Pitch Shot Fundamentals”

  1. best pitch shot instruction – and I’ve reviewed a ton of them – thanks

  2. I watched this clip before I played golf yesterday and had a great round. I am a 28 handicapper and regularly shoot around 102 – 110 per round. I employed the simple techniques and shot an impressive 86… I hit more greens, used my pitch mark repairer more than usual and beat my two 13 handicapper friends.

    I’m looking forward to the next round to see if I can continue using the technique and back up my great round.

  3. It should be set,hold and turn, pretty reliable technique. The keys things are holding the wrist set and turning your body through without flipping your hands over and if your weight is not posted on your left side your going to have alot of trouble holding the wrist set, you will flip the hands over and either hit it thin or fat. So make sure you weight stays left at ALL times on these short shots, no transfer to the right side, zero, none, nada………….happy pitching :)

  4. Navjeevan Jit Singh Reply March 10, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    Nic one…..thx………

  5. This video was filmed with a wooden golf club..

  6. Why zoom in on the ball? It’s the swing mechanics that anyone watching this needs to see. :/

  7. This is a good one!

  8. I think when he opens up the face of the club he turns his stance to the left to accommodate for any slice. 

  9. no it will just up more like with a flop u open to about 80* and it looks like ur aiming the other way

  10. but if you open the club face wont the ball slice?

  11. I can see why Kip’s always in the top 100 instructors, his work is very sound and based on repeating fundamentals. Thanks for the hard work and please turn up the volume. Cheers!!!

  12. Hi Kyp,
    Great videos. When you are pitching would you agree that although small, there is still a little weight shift as a result of the body turn?



  13. I observe Kip’s stance is slightly open to the left? even in iron shots