What Is A Golf Swing Launch Monitor And How Can It Help You?


Golf swing launch monitors can play an important role for any golfer to study the art of the swing.  They can give you amazing insight in learning why the ball travels the way it does based on your particular swing. The more you swing, the more data there is to be analyzed, increasing the importancy of the end results. Once you get enough data that really shows you WHY the ball does what it does, it can be one of the most important tools any golfer will ever use.

These devices used to be pretty rare and only available to huge companies. Now however,  golf swing launch monitor programs can be found in even the smallest of pro shops, driving ranges, and retail stores.

Features  of Launch Monitors

· Clubhead speed

· Ball Speed

· Face Angle Impact Position

· Launch Angle

· Hang  Time

· Ball flight dispersion

· Carry Distance


‘Personal’ Swing Launch Monitors and Swing Analyzing Software
A new trend that is sweeping the golf nation are smaller ‘personal’ launch analyzers. Some are small devices placed on the ground in front of your ball, whereas some are even ‘wearable’ devices, such as ones that clip on to the club shaft or even on the golf glove.  They are often paired with software on another device, such as an Iphone or Android phone. While these types of monitors won’t give you as much data and insight as a large Trackman costing well in the tens of thousands of dollars, they can still be a very useful tool, often for $200 or less.



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