What Would An Extra 21 Yards On Your Drives Do For YOUR Game?


Would your scores improve if your average drive went 21 yards farther than you currently hit it?

I’m sure it would, as 21 yards is a significant amount of distance! Forget all of the internet stories you read where amateurs are always touting their 275-300 yard drives. It just doesn’t happen. Consider that the tour average is about 260, and realistically, most amateur golfers only hit their drives about 200-225 consistently. So, if you could add 21 yards to that, you are looking at a pretty big bump!

Now, anyone could add 21 yards to their drive eventually…with years of practice, lessons, and a LOT of buckets at the range. But what if you could accomplish this in just 21 days?

That is exactly what renowned golf instructor Jeff Richmond says he can do for YOU with his new instructional system, 21 Yards in 21 Days. And he is so confident he can do it in 21 days that he’s including a money back guarantee!

The system is actually quite simple, focusing on increasing your flexibility, strength, power and speed. Its pretty much common sense that a faster swing will result in a longer ball, IF you keep the proper swing mechanics in place. For example, if you have a swing speed of 90mph (which is actually a decent speed for a typical amatuer), you will only attain a driver carry distance of about 215 yards. Yes, you heard me right. 215 yards. If the fairway is firm and you get a favorable bounce and roll, you might end up with a total distance of about 225. Maybe 230.

So, all you need to do is swing faster, right? Just get up their and wrap that club around your head and whack that ball at 110mph and you’ll be the next Dustin Johnson, right? Unfortunately, its not that easy. But using this system, it just got much easier! What if you did a drill for 15 minutes in ONE day that added 5 yards to your distance? Then the next day you did another drill that added a few more yards?

The end result could be an extra 20+ yards in just 3 weeks! Figure out how to swing faster, longer, bigger, all while maintaining a proper and accurate swing. After all, additional yardage doesn’t help your game too much if those extra yards just send your ball further into the woods! But, an extra 20 yards in the middle of the fairway will surely knock strokes off your next round!

Try his system out today and you could realistically see a 5-10 yard increase in your drives in the FIRST day!

If you don’t get results, get your money back. You have nothing to lose, and many many yards to gain!

Jeff Richmond’s 21 Yards in 21 Days




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