Winter Golf Tips

Golf Tips
by najjie

Golf Tips, Wind, JasonGuss, Driver, Treetops.
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5 Responses to “Winter Golf Tips”

  1. You are out of your mind (smile). I’ve never needed a snowmobile for a golf
    cart. Google Reading Greens Secrets of The Fall Line and read the Reviews.
    Glad you’re on your own.

  2. Great drill! was there any need to make reference to your 6 pack??? ive
    seen more meet on a butchers pencil

  3. @gnlatham77 The thing i like most is that you have taken the time to sit
    down and analise your game…. by doing this you can start to work out the
    areas that need improvement. At this point in time focus 70% of your
    practice on the tips for the main swing, however dont neglect the short
    game and include learning to pitch the ball better in the 70% practice
    time, remember if your doing it right, the motion for pitching is just a
    shortened full swing. dm Long game drills on our site or channel

  4. thanks so much Dave. great drill that helps with my dipping problem. love
    all the videos. iGolftv addict

  5. clever…but my problem is stopping my left shoulder at impact…got to
    leave my axe and bring my broom…lol