Working on your putting is just plain boring!


If you are like most amateur golfers, you love to practice bombing the driver off the tee, trying to squeeze another 10 yards out of your 6 iron, or getting those short approach shots to stick like the pros do it.

While all of these things are important, there is absolutely, positively, NO easier way to reduce your scores than improving your putting. Sure, it isn’t really much fun. It isn’t as exciting as whacking the driver 280 off the tee. It just doesn’t feel as rewarding as puring a 100 yard wedge that sticks and backs up a couple feet on the green.

But…we are all in it for the scores, right? You want to drive it longer to score better. You want better short game control to score better. You want those brand new clubs to score better. Heck, you even buy those 4 dollar golf balls thinking maybe, just maybe, you’ll score better.

golf putting tips

43% of golf is putting!

While all of those things may be true, its been proven time and time again that the green is where you drop strokes. I’m sure you’ve heard the old “drive for show, putt for dough” spiel a thousand times, but its for good reason…because its TRUE!

Whether you are currently struggling to break 100, 90, or especially 80, improving your putting is THE easiest way to do it, hands down, end of story! Why? Because it really isn’t that hard, and something that anyone can do!

Golfing is hard, you know that by now. Everyone wants lower scores, but they often focus on the hardest parts of the game to accomplish this. Hitting that 70 yard approach shot cleanly with just the right amount of spin takes a lot of finesse. Getting that short chip shot just right without duffing or blading it takes a lot of practice and skill. And unless you are a physically gifted freak of an athlete like Dustin Johnson, good luck with chasing those accurate 300 yard drives.

But putting? There is something that anyone can do, and you can do it QUICKLY! How many 3 putts did you have in the last round you played? How many 2 putts? Knock out just a few of those costly extra strokes and your last 95 quickly goes to an 85.

And the best part is you can start knocking strokes off each round in less than 5 minutes from now thanks to a new instruction course from my friend Jeff Richmond.

Stop the 3 putts, stop leaving birdie putts short, and easily slash up to 7 strokes from your game in 5 minutes.

As always, Jeff delivers on his promises. If you don’t get these results, you don’t pay. No matter what your skill level is, your game deserves this chance!

Improve your game TODAY!

To lower scores tomorrow,

Joel Madison


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